Sage Home Coffee Makers

coffee cupSage are the choice of the household that like to have the best – they’ve got a number of machines available, like the Dual Boiler which will set you back around a thousand pounds. Unlike Delonghi, they’re not really aiming for the bargain hunter with any of their coffee makers, and that probably helps to explain why they’ve recruited Heston Blumenthal to front their range in the UK.

Here’s a look at one of their more popular machines, which, while around half the price of the Dual Boiler, is still one that looks quite expensive next to some other brand models:

While we really like the Sage range, they’re only likely to appeal to those with a good amount to spend, or to put it another way, those that like the best and are prepared to pay handsomely for it. In this case, you’re buying something that looks fairly stunning on the side in the kitchen, so if you like to show your friends who’s the coffee king or queen, take a closer look.